Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blub Mother's Day Deal

With Mother's Day coming up soon, I am doing something special for mine! Which is why I am using the Blurb Designer Instant book template to make a professional quality photo book filled with memories for mom. 
Instant Books are easy to create, take about an hour, and start at just $12.99. This is definitely a present she will leave on the coffee table for everyone to see each and every day! 
Start creating your Blurb Designer Instant Book today and save 20% with promo code LOVEYOUMOM valid through 5/10/13!

Take Back Your Morning, win a bag of Seattle's Best Coffee

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Lilly Lotion Sample

Lilly's Lotions is on it's way to retailers near you this summer and we want to show of our amazing products! For a limited time, we are giving out small samples of each of our amazing scents of lotions. Fill out the form HERE and they will send you a free sample!

Free Sample L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teacher's Day Deals 25% Off and More!

Teacher Appreciation Day on Tiny Prints
If you're anything like me, you think that every day should be Teacher Appreciation Day, but May 7 is extra special. That day is the official National Teacher Appreciation Day. And a great way to show your thanks is with a card and a simple, but meaningful gift.
Tiny Prints has a great promotion this Sunday and Monday (April 21 and 22) for 25% off all of their custom gifts, such as mugs, always a teacher favorite. You can choose from hundreds of designs for each gift type, personalize them with your child's photo or class photo, and write your own text.

Just use the promo code TAD25 at checkout by 11:59pm PT on Monday April 22 to save 25%. 

April 22 is also the last day for guaranteed delivery by May 6, so order now to get them in time!

Need a card too? Definitely check out Treat, where you can get a completely customized, photo card for only $3.49. They have almost 40 designs specifically for Teacher Appreciation Day, not to mention hundreds of thank you card designs.

If you are buying multiple cards, check out their Treat Card Club packs. A 6-card plan costs only $2.49 per card, a 12-card plan only $2.24 per card, and an 18-card plan only $1.99 per card.

At the very least, make sure to thank a teacher or two May 7.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Five Summer Projects That Will Increase Your Homes Resell Value

Five Summer Projects That Will Increase Your Homes Resell Value

You can make your home more appealing to buyers, even before you put your home on the market. Thinking ahead and watching trends can help you keep your home up to date, even if you are not planning to sell it for several years. Some home projects can be done by the home owner in their spare time, while other projects will require professional assistance.

Keep up with repairs and maintenance

Chipped paint or damaged siding may be just an annoying eyesore to you. A prospective buyer, however, may eliminate your home from consideration based solely on how it looks. Inside the home, outdated paneling, damaged carpets and broken fixtures will make a house look run down and unappealing.

Roofs are another area that should be properly maintained. Buyers are unlikely to be interested in a home that needs extensive repairs. Flat roof repair should be completed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Always use experienced roofing contractors for all roof repairs.

Update your kitchen

Kitchen remodels are a favorite option when updating a home. Although the return on investment is not what it once was, buyers love to see a nice kitchen with plenty of light.

New appliances can give your kitchen an updated look. They also tend to be more energy efficient than older models. Newer appliances can be a nice selling point, since they should last for many years. Unless you are planning an entire kitchen remodel in the future, choose appliances that seamlessly fit in with your current kitchen style.

Create storage space

Ensuring your home has enough storage areas will make it more attractive to buyers. Built-in shelves are a great option since they do not use valuable floor space. In the bedroom, a built-in bookshelf can be a future staging area for a reading nook. In the bathroom, an additional mirrored cabinet can make the room appear larger, as well as adding storage.

Boost curb appeal

New windows and doors on the front of the house, especially those that share a common design theme, can make your house look polished. Consider planting colorful, low maintenance shrubs under windows to help frame them.

Do not forget the backyard

A well-designed backyard can be immensely appealing to prospective buyers. Depending on where you live, creating an outdoor living space can be an excellent investment. A welcoming stone patio with attractive landscaping, or even a small kitchen garden, can help your home stand out when it is time to sell.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mailbox Freebies 2013 #7

Mailbox Freebies 2013 #7
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