Saturday, November 19, 2016

Style We: Indie Designer Fashion

Hi everyone,
Today I am introducing you to the website StyleWe. Have you heard of it before? 
 Style We is, as their site states, "an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. We are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. 

I also loved StyleWe's mission of: "Rather than just an online shopping store, we would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers". Currently I don't think that their is enough collaboration between the designers and the purchasers/the people. With increased collaboration it is a win-win situation for both consumers and designers, everyone benefits. 

Browsing around the site I see that is easy to search for what you want with such categories as material, theme, neckline, activity, and much more. Also,with prices as low as $27 (this Icyzone Quick Dry Sports Bra for example)there is definitely something for everyone- no matter your price range. 

Did you know that they have an app too, for both Apple and Android? Some of the features the app boasts are: secure payment, easy returns/exchanges, tracking (in app!), automated alerts, a favorites system, and much more.  For more details head to:

One clothing item that really caught my eye is this Giovanni green satin maxi dress. I like the detailing and how the colors are subtle yet eye popping. It would be nice for a any formal occasion or for work in the warmer months. 

Readers: What is one of your favorite pieces on StyleWe? Have you used their site before? 

To connect with StyleWe, please check out their social media accounts:

*This is a sponsored post, as I am required to state per the FTC. 

StyleWe elegant dresses