Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Chance for a Free Father's Day Card

If you missed the FREE Father's Day card offer from Treat earlier this week, I have good news for you..

They extended it through the end of the month!

If you're not familiar with Treat, they are just like regular greeting cards except much better.. You get to choose your own message, add photos, and even pick your own fonts.

To get the card totally free, have it shipped to you. Then you can sign it and write a message in your own writing. For the cost of a stamp, you can have Treat mail it directly to the recipient. And since it's still a few weeks to Father's Day, you can even choose the delivery date.

Here's how to get the deal:

1. Check out their selection of nearly 500 Father's Day designs and choose your favorite card.
2. Upload pictures, choose your font and message, and preview the card to make sure it's right..
3. Use promo code TREATDAD when you checkout.

That's all there is to it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Free Father's Day Card

Attention somewhat early Father's Day Shopper...

Treat is offering all new customers a FREE Father's Day card on May 27 and 28.
Free Father's Day Card from Treat
If you're not familiar with Treat, think regular greeting cards, but with added awesome. You get to choose your own message, add photos, and even change fonts. In short, you get to make the card uniquely...YOU!

To get the card totally free, have it shipped to you. That also allows you to sign it and write anything you want to add in your own writing. Or, for the cost of a stamp, you can have Treat mail it directly to the recipient. And since it's so early, they even let you choose the delivery date. Sweet.

So check out their selection of nearly 500 Father's Day designs and choose your favorite card. Upload some pictures, play around with what you want to say and use promo code TREATDAD when you checkout.

That's all there is to it. 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Make Money Off Your Old Phone

Springtime is here and for many that means time for spring-cleaning! Do you have an old smartphone, or Apple product lying around? Have you come across a broken tablet, iPad, Macbook or iPhone while cleaning around the house? You could earn some extra cash and do some good for the environment by selling your item to Gazelle
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Wanting to start a serious at home business? Now is the time!

Now is the perfect time to launch your own business and join Stella & Dot's growing team of Stylists! Stella & Dot creates flexible, work from home business opportunities for entrepreneurial women. Create the success you deserve. To find out more information visit Get started today!

Stella & Dot 50% Off Sale

Fabulous sale alert! Stella & Dot is offering up to 50% off sale items and free shipping on orders over $100+ from 5/24-5/27. Below are a few of my favorite pieces . . .

The Stella & Dot Leona Pendant Necklace makes a bold statement and is adored by both celebrities and fashion editors alike. Each necklace is one of a kind because the stone is hand-cut. The Stella & Dot La Coco Clutch - Black can be partnered with a simple top or can be used to accessorize dressy attire for summer benefits and galas--the options are endless! Dressing up for a picnic or summer festival can be a blast. Go in style with the the gorgeous Stella & Dot Cleo Fringe Statement Earrings. Be sure to check out Stella & Dot's Memorial Day Sale today! Enjoy!

up to 50% off sale items

Monday, May 13, 2013

Six Steps to Build The Ultimate Man Cave man cave will become your haven if it's designed properly. If you're a basketball fan, a video gamer, or you simply like playing dominoes and drinking beer with your buddy, you'll often take refuge in your special space where no women or children are allowed. If you're ready to take a space in your home or your yard and make it your own, here are 6 steps you'll need to take from start to finish.

Step #1: Choose the Space Wisely
Don't take the term "man cave" literally. Your man cave can be in the basement, on the second floor of your home, or even in your garage or pool room. When you're selecting a space, choose one that's not frequently used and that's away from the living area of your home. You'll also need to choose a space where you'll have room to kick back and entertain your buddies.

Step #2: Measurements and Furnishings
Now it's time to furnish your man cave. The greatest thing about these rooms is that you don't have to ask your wife for approval when you choose a couch or a lazy boy. In fact, when you're designing your man cave comfort is key. Something doesn't necessarily need to look nice, but it does need to feel good. Take measurements, choose furnishings that will provide ample seating for you and your friends, and think about how the cave will be used. If you're playing poker, you'll need a poker table. If you're playing darts, you'll need floor room and a wall just for your dartboard.

Step #3: Making Less Functional Space Functional
If you're converting a garage or a pool room into a man cave, you might need to do a bit of renovating. After all, you don't want to walk on concrete or sit in a room that's not insulated in the cold fall nights. Invest in an area rug, astro turf, and insulation materials and make the space functional.

Step #4: A Media Center
No man cave is complete without a media center. You'll need a sizable TV, a DVD player, and your favorite console system. If your technologically savvy, you'll also need a surround sound and a PC setup that keeps you connected. With a full media center, you can watch online videos, watch movies, play games, listen to music, and even watch cable television all from the comforts of your space.

Step #5: Keep Tabs on Your Space
If you want to safeguard your man cave, you'll need to invest in a security system that notifies you of fire and intrusion.  Not only is this a security system, it's also a Fayetteville AR home automation system that gives you the power of remote management of your room or even your entire home.

Step #6: Decorating
Decorating a man cave is a bit different than decorating a home. You have the option to decorate with beer labels, action figures, or movie posters. This is the only area where your decor cannot be scrutinized by your wife or your girlfriend.

Think about what you want to do in your man cave and plan ahead. Put dumbbells in the space, a weight lifting bar, or even a fully-stocked bar. The sky is the limit is you are resourceful and creative with the space.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Planning a wedding? Check out these deals/ideals

As you plan for the big day, it pays to think ahead to the day itself.

While you are picking save the date cards, invitations, and a honeymoon location, remember that the things that will make your ceremony and reception truly memorable are in the details...such as your wedding programs, menus, and place cards.

Things like that sound boring, but they really make for a classy day.

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs tell guests who is in the bridal party, what's next, and who the speakers are. Good programs increase guest engagement.

It's critical that your program should complement the theme and fit your personality. With hundreds of designs, color schemes, and font styles, you are sure to find the right one at Wedding Paper Divas.


This is the fun part...we're talking food here.

First, spend some time with your caterer to go over the menu. Keep the style similar or exactly the same as the program. If it's a formal meal, use a formal font. If it's a backyard barbecue, make it fun. Then it's time to pick your menu stationery.

Place Cards

You don't want Aunt Betty next to your crazy Uncle Joe, so make sure you spent some time on the seating chart.

When you've figured it all out, use place cards to show everyone where to sit.

There are tons of ways to use them, from a corkboard with their names and table numbers, to individual seat assignments with their names on the tables. The latter method allows guests to find their own name and enjoy mingling with other guests.

Tip: For best results and a potential price break, order all three of these at the same time. Usually sites like Wedding Paper Divas offer discounts for ordering matching programs, menus, and place cards. It also helps you to make 100% sure the designs are exactly the same (same colors, fonts, etc.)

There is no better source than Wedding Paper Divas for all of your wedding needs. Whether you order invitations or not, you will definitely want to check out their free wedding web sites. You can pick a theme to go along with over 40 of their most popular wedding invitations.

Check them out today and happy wedding planning!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mothers Day Deals

Mother's Day is just around the corner and incase you are still looking I thought I would share some deals I have found for Mother's Day!
(I will keep adding as I find them)


 Flowers starting at $19.99 including a Mini Rose Plant!

 Amazing assortment of Fresh flowers for Mother's Day


 60 Free prints to remind Mom of all that she does

 Blurb Designer Instant Book today and save 20% with promo code LOVEYOUMOM valid through 5/10/13!


Mommy Cards: Tiny Prints 50% Off until May 10! Promo Code: DEAL0502

Mommy Cards 50% off!

Mommy cards are becoming very popular and serve many purposes.

After you read this, you'll definitely want to check out the deal that Tiny Prints is having on mommy cards today - 50% Off!

What is a Mommy Card?

Think business card for moms...and more colorful and fun.

Who can use a Mommy Card?

The name kind of gives this one away...moms. Any mom. All moms.

What should I put on my Mommy Card?

Similar to a business card, put your name, contact information and social network links (if you choose), names and ages of your children, and whatever else you want to put on it. If you want to get fun with it, put your children's nicknames, a fun fact about each of them, design a family cartoon, or put their handprints on them. Have fun with it!

How do I use it?

The uses are endless. First of all, you can now win some free lunches. Secondly, they are great for babysitters, setting up play dates, and just general use rather than finding a spare piece of paper and a pen. They are also great to include in your children's backpacks, lunch boxes, and other belongings in case they are lost.

So now you see the valuable uses of Mommy Cards. They aren't just some passing fad!

Like I said, Tiny Prints is having a one day 50% Off sale on them. Just visit their Deal of the Day page, choose from hundreds of designs, edit them, get creative with the text and layout, and use promo code DEAL0502 to save 50%. Make sure to buy before 9:00am PT Friday May 3. They also have the same deal for business cards and grad contact cards if you know someone interested in those.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blurb 20% off discount

Get 20% off Blurb Designer Instant books now at Blurb. Blurb Designer Instant book template makes a professional quality photo book filled with memories for mom. Instant Books are easy to create, take about an hour, and start at just $12.99. This is definitely a present Mom will leave on the coffee table for everyone to see each and every day!

Start creating your Blurb Designer Instant Book today and save 20% with promo code LOVEYOUMOM valid through 5/10/13!