Friday, July 27, 2012

2 Free Sets Of Dunlop Strings

Dunlop is giving users a chance to score a 2 free sets of Dunlop Guitar Strings! 


Post a video testimonial for Dunlop Strings to your own YouTube account and get free strings!

All you have to do is make a video of yourself giving a testimonial for Dunlop Strings, post it to your own YouTube account, tag it with “Dunlop” and “guitar strings” (or “bass strings” if that’s the case) and email the video link along with your mailing address to

We’ll send two (2) sets of Dunlop Guitar Strings, or one (1) set of Dunlop Bass Strings, to everyone who posts a video and sends in the link!

To qualify, your video must

- Contain a VISIBLE pack of Dunlop Strings
- Be NO LONGER than 30 seconds.

That’s it, it’s that easy! No contesting, no hoping to be a winner, just make and upload a quick video, send an email, and get free strings!

Don’t forget to have fun! Perform a little song, tell us a story, let us know why you love Dunlop Strings!

Go HERE for more information & the fine print :)

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