Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Star Box Make-up Review and Bonus Code

I have told you before about the wonderful company, StarBox! Now I get to show & tell again, but this time I am able to offer you a code that will give you an extra item in your box when you sign-up and use it!!!! Read on to find out more!

Here is the lovely box when you take it out of the package, its like Christmas every time I get it:

Each box not only contains great make-up products, normally 3-4 full size makeup products, but also an explanation of what you are getting and a friendly note from Starbox! Plus special offers are sometimes included!

My box this month contained 6 make-up goodies and 2 extra goodies!!! The extras included eye/nail jewelery and another crystal.
I also received 5 great bendable eye shadows
Plus I recieve an ip20 clear
Starlooks offers these great products monthly for only $15.00!!! Each month brings a new set of products! Now for the best part! Your code to get an extra item with order!!
Use the code: SCHALONIABLOG in the spot where it asks where did you here about us choose blog then fill the code into the spot asking the name of blog that referred you. Its that simple. So go now and get started!!!


  1. Wow! I love makeup goodies! I have not heard of the brand yet. But would love to read your review on it. I sure hope they're good and pigmented enough. :)

  2. Oh, I love getting presents! What are bendable eye shadows?