Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coupons = Cash Savings

How Coupons Create Cash Savings

Most people are well aware of the ability of coupons to help save them money. However, most people are not truly aware of the ability of coupons to create true cash savings if they are used properly by a person.

Below are just a few of the ways in which a coupon can help to create true cash savings for a savvy user.

One - Coupons that give cash back give an incentive to create savings.

Many coupons in the current business environment are mail in coupons which give cash back on purchases as long as the customer fills out a survey or turns in a receipt. These are the best coupons to have, as the cash that the customer receives can be immediately deposited into a bank account and begin building wealth through interest.

Because it is a cash back coupon, there may also be tax shields that a customer can take advantage of. The rules change every year, so make sure to consult a trusted tax attorney or accountant before you take any final action based upon a coupon.

Two - Coupons that give discounts for bulk purchases create opportunities for savings.

Bulk purchases, especially from warehouse stores, can help people to save a great deal of money on necessities like socks, shoes and food staples such as rice, bread, flour and sugar. Many bulk coupons require a certain minimum purchase in order to be used, which forces the customer to pay the lower rate and take a bigger bulk purchase.

This helps a consumer to save money because the price per unit is much lower than if the product were to be bought unit by unit. This type of coupon gives a cash savings that the consumer may not even be consciously aware of, but it is definitely there.

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  1. April Wasson12/7/12, 9:01 PM

    Its neat how you get more and save more in the long run. You would just figure it would be the other way around. -April Wasson-

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    Love the cash back incentives

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