Monday, January 7, 2013

Tip For Freebies #1

Freebies are great, but they can be a pain. So I will be bringing you tips from time to time to help make getting freebies of products your wanting to try easier, I will be posting freebie tips. Lets get started with Tip #1:

Tip #1
     As many of you know, I love to bring you freebies. My posts of "Mailbox Fillers" are designed to do just as they read, fill your mailbox with freebies. Unfortunately, it can also fill your email box with junk mail. Plus there is usually a limit of 1, which can be a bummer for the good ones.To keep your regular email box from being bombarded with 'junk mail,' start an email for just your freebies. Doing so will not only keep your daily email 'junk' free, but it will also give you a one stop place to find emails on samples you love that connect you back to websites to get more!

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