Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prepaid Cell Phones are Getting Huge

Ditch Contracts, Prepaid Cell Phones are Getting Huge

For years, contracts seemed the only way to go if you wanted cell phone service, However, prepaid cell phones are now offered by a variety of carriers who are eager to let you diversify.

With prepaid cell phones, you’re free to select among different plans. If you don’t like the plan you’re on, you can switch at will. Some plans offer a few hundred minutes and unlimited messaging for less than $40 a month. If you don’t need a lot of minutes, you don’t have have to pay the excess. Another type of plan charges you on the days when you use the phone.

In contrast, a contract phone ends up costing you a lot for each day of the month. For instance, the unlimited voice plan may cost $70 a month, while five gigabytes of data adds on another $50. If you need unlimited messaging, you can expect to pay even more. This can lead to a monthly price of almost $150. By comparison, a popular prepaid carrier currently offers unlimited voice, data and messaging for only $55 per month. While prepaid phones aren’t subsidized, when you calculate your monthly costs for two years, you’re likely to notice a substantial difference.

Don’t forget that signing a cell phone contract means you’re stuck paying the same carrier for two years. If the coverage area isn’t adequate or your data plan is painfully slow, you’re limited to the same carrier for 24 long months. A prepaid phone gives you the freedom to switch carriers. If one carrier doesn’t have the coverage you want, select another one on your schedule. It might be possible to port your old number over to the new phone as well.

A prepaid cell phone lets you pick the phone you want whenever you want to make a change. Dump an outdated phone for a new Android smartphone or an iPhone if you want. Upgrading your phone to a new one is easy as buying the phone you want, then moving your information over. Also, you don’t have to waste time pleading with customer service to let you switch months before a contract ends. You aren’t going to be hit with a penalty for changing your mind, either.

A prepaid cell phone is a cost effective way to stay in touch without the expensive limitations of a contract.

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