Monday, May 13, 2013

Six Steps to Build The Ultimate Man Cave man cave will become your haven if it's designed properly. If you're a basketball fan, a video gamer, or you simply like playing dominoes and drinking beer with your buddy, you'll often take refuge in your special space where no women or children are allowed. If you're ready to take a space in your home or your yard and make it your own, here are 6 steps you'll need to take from start to finish.

Step #1: Choose the Space Wisely
Don't take the term "man cave" literally. Your man cave can be in the basement, on the second floor of your home, or even in your garage or pool room. When you're selecting a space, choose one that's not frequently used and that's away from the living area of your home. You'll also need to choose a space where you'll have room to kick back and entertain your buddies.

Step #2: Measurements and Furnishings
Now it's time to furnish your man cave. The greatest thing about these rooms is that you don't have to ask your wife for approval when you choose a couch or a lazy boy. In fact, when you're designing your man cave comfort is key. Something doesn't necessarily need to look nice, but it does need to feel good. Take measurements, choose furnishings that will provide ample seating for you and your friends, and think about how the cave will be used. If you're playing poker, you'll need a poker table. If you're playing darts, you'll need floor room and a wall just for your dartboard.

Step #3: Making Less Functional Space Functional
If you're converting a garage or a pool room into a man cave, you might need to do a bit of renovating. After all, you don't want to walk on concrete or sit in a room that's not insulated in the cold fall nights. Invest in an area rug, astro turf, and insulation materials and make the space functional.

Step #4: A Media Center
No man cave is complete without a media center. You'll need a sizable TV, a DVD player, and your favorite console system. If your technologically savvy, you'll also need a surround sound and a PC setup that keeps you connected. With a full media center, you can watch online videos, watch movies, play games, listen to music, and even watch cable television all from the comforts of your space.

Step #5: Keep Tabs on Your Space
If you want to safeguard your man cave, you'll need to invest in a security system that notifies you of fire and intrusion.  Not only is this a security system, it's also a Fayetteville AR home automation system that gives you the power of remote management of your room or even your entire home.

Step #6: Decorating
Decorating a man cave is a bit different than decorating a home. You have the option to decorate with beer labels, action figures, or movie posters. This is the only area where your decor cannot be scrutinized by your wife or your girlfriend.

Think about what you want to do in your man cave and plan ahead. Put dumbbells in the space, a weight lifting bar, or even a fully-stocked bar. The sky is the limit is you are resourceful and creative with the space.

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  1. I think most guys man cave requirements are:
    Someplace away from the family
    Someplace loudness is permitted
    A place to comfortably sit
    Something to do
    A place with cold drinks