Monday, June 3, 2013

Four Helpful Tips For Raising Kids Who are Smart With Money

It is never too early to start teaching your kids about money. They may not have to deal with it right now, but they certainly will in the future. If they don’t learn about the value of money now, they might get into financial trouble later on in life. Here are four tips on how to raise kids who are smart with money.


Get Your Kids Involved In Family Shopping

It is a great idea to get your kids involved in family shopping. When they go grocery shopping with you, they can learn how much everyday items cost. For example, you can give your kids a list of vegetables you need and $15 to spend. When they walk through the produce section, they will have to determine how much of each thing they can buy.

Be a Good Role Model

You can’t expect your kids to be good with money if you are not financially responsible. If you want your kids to have good money management skills, you have to set a good example. Show them your savings account and how you avoid buying things you do not need. For instance, if you are shopping with your kids at the grocery store, do not buy a bunch of unnecessary items.

Give Your Kids Allowances

Give each of your children an allowance. Even if they just receive $5 a week, they will learn how to handle real money. They can choose to spend the money or put it in a savings account. If they decide to spend their money and don’t have any left over for the week, you can’t bail them out. If you always bail them out, they will never learn the value of a dollar.

Offer Enticements for Saving Money

It’s very important to teach your children how to save money. Consider offering your children enticements for saving their money. For example, you can give them an extra $25 for every $100 they send. If you offer them good incentives, they will be much more motivated to save their money.

Teaching your children to be smart with money is easier than you think. If you follow these helpful tips, your children will grow up to be financially smart adults. If they know how to manage their money properly, they likely will not get into debt. If you or your children ever do get into credit debit, you should contact Lexington Law credit repair services.

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