Friday, August 2, 2013

Saving With Recycling

Recycling Can Save The Earth And Money As Well!

The options for cardboard, paper, and metals like copper and aluminum recycling New Orleans has to offer has added to the popularity of recycling to save the environment as well as protect your pocketbook. Recycling is a win-win prospect for many reasons, and as consumers realize the ease of this earth friendly way of life, the savings add up.

#4. Reduce Garbage Fees

Taking recyclable items to a recycling center can save you money in the fees that you pay to have your garbage collected. Save money on the additional fees that you are charged when the items you put to the curb add up to more that the contracted amount.

Landfills aren't cheap, nor are the spaces unlimited. By doing your share to keep items that can be recycled from ever reaching the landfill, you will save money in the long run on the fees tax dollars to keep them operating.

#3. Earn Money on Unneeded Items

It's surprising the markets that you can find for your refuse. Check the businesses in your area to see if you can get money if you bring in newspapers, cardboard, office paper, and metal items. Some businesses will take the packing materials that accumulate so quickly. Why throw out something that still has value?

#2. Repurpose to Save

Save money by repurposing items instead of tossing them. If an item is no longer needed to serve the purpose it was originally purchased for, consider other uses. Move an unused dresser to the entry to serve as a place to keep the keys and other items you set down or pick up as you go through the door. Instead of tossing those plastic grocery bags into the trash, use them to hold refuse from waste baskets, or even as handy disposals when you clean up after the pets. Tie them up by the handles and dispose of them knowing that you have used it up.

If you can't find a use for the item, consider raising money by including it in the other clutter that has accumulated in your home by holding a rummage sale. Someone is sure to find a good use for the piece, and will be happy to find a way to save money. This is another situation where everyone wins.

Some people are unwilling to go to the effort of organizing a sale. Before throwing items away, see if a local charity will accept the donation. Remember to ask for a receipt so that you can deduct it from your taxes.

#1. Protect Natural Resources

Money isn't the only thing that is saved by recycling. Natural resources are protected, manufacturing pollution is reduced, and energy is saved. The resources used in transporting and processing recycled materials are far less than those used when mining or clear-cutting for virgin materials.

Guest Post by Annabelle

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