Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bic Solei Savvy Buzz Report

I am a member of a great sight that lets me try and review new products. They don't make me write good reviews, in fact I have written a bad review and it was published. They just want HONEST reviews of products. It is a 'win-win' situation, consumers get to try new products for free and companies get honest opinions on their products. So you are probably wondering who is "They." Well "They" are BuzzAgent.com.

I recently got the pleasure of trying a new Bic razor, the Solei Savvy. Its a new, affordable disposable razor that is meant to bring comfort to affordable disposable razors. I gave it a try the other day and I have to say I was disappointed that it was not as 'comfortable' as my usual razor. However, I did not itch after using it like I normally experience after using a cheaper razor. Instead my legs are silky smooth (2 days later). When I say it wasn't as comfortable because it felt a bit like taking a piece of hard plastic to my legs. It is not like it nicked me or hurt in anyway. It just didn't have the soft 'pillow' around the blades like I am used to :) All in all I would give this new razor a B+ for the price and effectiveness.

Now I am not just telling you about this product because they sent it to me and part of the requirement is that I write a review....I am telling you about the product so you can be excited about the coupons I will be giving away on my Facebook page in a couple of days :)  That is right, they don't just send me the product, they send me coupons too! And being the nice person that I am I have decided to share them with my fans (what few I have LOL). So keep an eye out for my post on the giveaway......

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