Friday, June 29, 2012

Diamond Candles

Okay I know I have posted this deal before but I HAD to post it again. Diamond Candles have been the talk of Facebook with lots of blogs giving them away and given the product there are always high entries and I have never won. I have to say the concept of Diamond Candles is perfect, what girl doesn't like jewelry or candles! Plus they make a great gift for moms, family, and friends.

So when a deal came up for getting 2 candles for the price of one I jumped on it :) I was admittedly a little unsure about spending $30.00 on just 2 candles being the bargain hunter that I am.....But I just got my first candle in yesterday (it was in stock the other wasn't but should be here today or tomorrow) and I am in LOVE!!!!! The smell is absolutely amazing, I got vanilla by the way :) And they are much larger than they look in the pictures.
Now I am being patient and burning it down instead of digging the ring out, but I have to admit it is pretty hard to wait since it seems to take forever to burn (or maybe I am just impatient LOL). Once I get to the ring I will post a picture for everyone to see. Even though I haven't seen the ring I still say I got a good deal because I can already smell the fragrance filling the room and I just lite it! Plus its soy and good for the environment so I feel good about doing something good for the environment (or maybe its just the warm sent of vanilla). 

Anyways here is the deal.....
Join Plum District (its free) and look for the offer on Diamond Candles (under the Raleigh/Carry/Wake district) and get the $15.00 voucher for Diamond Candles ($25.00 value). Plus if you get it today (6/29) you can use the 20% off promo for even more savings!!! So buy 2 for $24.00. That means your paying a $1.00 less for 2 than you would for 1 at regular price. Once you make your purchase you will get a voucher code. Head on over to Diamond Candles website, pick you candle(s) and enter you voucher code at checkout. There is a $5.00 charge for shipping and you can only use 1 voucher per transaction, but the $5.00 shipping fee is there even with out the voucher so you are still saving.

Ready to get one or two of your own? Just click on the link below to get started: 


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