Saturday, June 30, 2012

Savings when visiting Branson Tip #1 - Lodging

When taking any vacation one of the most expensive expenses can be lodging. So I thought my first post should be on how to save on lodging, and as a bonus you will save on gas too!

One of the biggest mistakes tourist of Branson, MO make is to stay on the "Strip" (Hwy 76) when visiting. They make think they are saving money by being close to everything, but they are not. Instead of staying in Branson, book a hotel in Branson West, MO. Branson West is a VERY short drive from Branson, but can cost you up to 1/2 as much for lodging. There are two hotels I would recommend personally, Best Western & Lakeview Inn. 

ü Best Western is just down the road from Silver Dollar City (less than a mile) and offers free shuttle services to and from Silver Dollar City & discounts on tickets. 

ü Lakeview Inn is a nice hotel for the price ($35 per night) and offers a pool. This is not a big chain hotel, but it is not a low end hotel and the rooms are very nice. 

***So you may be wondering "How am I going to save on gas if I have to drive to Branson?" Good question! This is how a very important tip: Gas prices in Branson West are on average at least $0.05 per gallon cheaper than Branson!!! As you may have guessed this can add up to some major savings given gas prices!***

There are 2 other hotels in the Branson West area: Notch Inn & Colonial Mountain Inn. I have not personally visited Notch Inn or heard any reviews, good or bad, about the establishment. I have however, heard of and observed the usual visitors of Colonial, and I would recommend you STAY AWAY! This hotel is known for drug activity and is not well kept!!

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  1. Thanks for posting these useful hints on Branson MO lodging, considering I have been looking at some recently. My friends and I are going to see a show down there and we were looking into of things to do and where to say. We will definitely keep your tips in mind.